the universe

and darkest

night skies

in England

in Northumberland

National Park

Dark skies

Stay at Boe Rigg for Star Camp!

All year round, and only 10 minutes away, is a stargazing and astronomy heaven! The award winning Kielder Observatory is an awesome experience. Events are held across the year and include Open Days, Interactive Shows and Aurora Nights. Star camps are held twice a year and we would be delighted to accommodate you at Boe Rigg! Winter nights are darkest and best for viewing deep sky objects such as galaxies, while in summer you can view the beautiful Milky Way, passing comets, and shooting stars.

At Kielder Observatory you can:

  • Learn about the night sky and use the powerful telescopes.

  • Meet experienced astronomers and learn how to take stunning photographs of distant objects in the Universe.

  • Experience meteor showers and other celestial events.

We are lucky to have some of the best night skies in England, right here in the National Park, thanks to minimal light pollution. Kielder Water and Forest Park  and Northumberland National Park  are working together with the aim of securing Dark Sky Reserve status for nearly 400 square miles of spectacular Northumberland countryside in what would become the world’s third largest area of protected starry dark sky.

We’re very proud to support this bid, so in an effort to gain Dark Sky Reserve status, we keep our light pollution at Boe Rigg to a minimum.