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state of the art

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Green Footprint

Boe Rigg is an award winning, purpose built complex, using the latest green technologies. A state of the art Scandinavian style building, erected on the footprint of a derelict cattle shed, we are here to offer eco-friendly and sustainable accommodation to you.

Boe Rigg is a fully insulated building with photovoltaic glazing and solar energy providing year round comfort and warmth. A ground source heat pump keeps a constant economic supply of piping hot water throughout the complex. All of our rainwater is collected from our roof via our downpipes then filtered, stored and redistributed back into the building for non-potable purposes, like loo flushes and washing machine cycles.

A reed bed filtration system is in place to purify our sewage waste. This is good for carbon dioxide emission capture, and it adds considerably to our local bio diversity for flora, fauna and wetlands bird habitat.

We encourage all of our guests at Boe Rigg to recycle and minimise waste where possible, and so provide recycling point bins on the site for your convenience.

We keep our carbon emissions low by using local suppliers wherever possible & grouping our deliveries or collections together to minimise our environmental impact.